What is Hyland’s Moms 1st Club?

Hyland’s Moms 1st Club is our first ever rewards and loyalty program specifically designed for moms. We recognize that moms do not always consider themselves a priority and we want to help change that. As a member of this Club, you can look forward to:

  • Emails with relevant health news and articles from Hyland’s
  • Access to great archived articles about food, fitness and well-being
  • Advice from health experts specifically for our moms
  • Contests to keep you on your toes (and win great prizes)
  • Exclusive offers and promotions from Hyland’s throughout the year
  • Sneak peek of our new products

Why did you create Hyland’s Moms 1st Club?

In October 2010, Hyland’s voluntarily took teething tablets off the market and was faced with a very challenging year, obviously. Amidst the challenge, however, we have been humbled by and grateful for all of the support we have received from moms just like you. Hyland’s Moms 1st Club was created in Summer 2011 with the reintroduction of Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets as a way to thank you for your support for our brand. When we kicked off Hyland’s Mom’s 1st Club, mom members were able to order our new Teething Tablets directly from us before it even hit the stores! You have cared for us; now we want to show our care for you!

How does Moms 1st Club work?

Simply fill out the form here. Once you sign up, you will receive emails approximately once a month with articles and information on health and wellness as well as exclusive special offers for new products, promotional items, contests, etc. We will also share with you other new product announcements in advance.

Who can join?

Anyone. The more the merrier! Share it with your mommy friends.

Does it cost anything to join Hyland’s Moms 1st Club?


How do I join?

Fill out the form. It’s that easy!